Meet Hershey

Think you and Hershey might be a match, but you want to do a trial run at home first? You can foster Hershey—meaning you’ll take them home for one week with the intention of adopting them at the end of their stay. If things don’t work out, you can always bring them back to us. If you’re interested, come see us or contact us at to learn more.
Meet Hershey, our one-year-old brown brindle Pit Bull mix, a delightful bundle of energy and affection with a sweet tooth for adventure. Hershey is not just a pup; she’s your golden ticket to a world filled with joy, enthusiasm, and a touch of chocolate bar charm.

This sweetheart is on a mission to master the art of manners, with a curriculum that includes “look,” “touch,” “find it,” and the famous “180 turns.” Imagine unwrapping a chocolate bar, and you’ve got Hershey, chasing and running with the exuberance of a delightful cocoa delight. But fear not – this spirited pup is also perfecting the fine art of not jumping to greet, because she believes in polite paw-shakes and gentle hellos, just like savoring a perfect chocolate square.

Hershey’s barks may be filled with excitement, especially when she spots other dogs, but with a one-on-one introduction, she’s a social chocolate butterfly ready to make furry friends. To manage her exuberance, Hershey appreciates a well-timed break – like savoring each piece of a chocolate bar to avoid getting too carried away.

Ready for a canine companion that brings both energy and sweetness to your life? Dive into the world of Hershey, where each day is a delicious adventure of learning, play, and heartwarming moments. Visit Hershey on our website and get ready to unwrap a chocolate-coated journey of love and fun!

Age: 1 y, 3 m

Weight: 41 lbs; 11 oz

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier

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