Meet Mick Jaggerwagger

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Welcome to Mick Jaggerwagger’s page, where rock ‘n’ roll meets puppy love! Mick Jaggerwagger, a vivacious white shepherd mix, is bursting onto the scene with all the energy and charisma of his legendary namesake. Just like the iconic Mick Jagger, this pup has got moves that’ll make you swoon and a heart that’s ready to rock. At under one year old, Mick Jaggerwagger is on the lookout for his bandmates – could you be the Keith to his Mick? As he grooves his way through puppyhood, Mick Jaggerwagger is mastering all the classic hits of good behavior, from perfecting his “leave it” to mastering impulse control. He’s not just honing his dance moves; he’s also polishing up on all his best teenage behavior, like resisting the temptation to snatch up every tasty morsel off the ground. With Mick Jaggerwagger by your side, every walk becomes a performance worthy of a standing ovation!

Join Mick Jaggerwagger on his journey as he channels the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll into his everyday adventures. With a name that pays homage to one of music’s greatest icons, Mick Jaggerwagger is ready to strut his stuff and steal the show. As he perfects his repertoire of good manners and irresistible charm, Mick Jaggerwagger is on the lookout for a forever home where he can share his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering loyalty. So if you’re ready to rock out with Mick Jaggerwagger and be part of his band of merry misfits, get ready for a life filled with endless love, laughter, and plenty of rockstar moments!

Age: 8 m

Weight: 56 lbs

Gender: Male

Breed: Retriever

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