Meet Lucy

Think you and Lucy might be a match made in heaven, but you want to do a trial run at home first? You can foster Lucy for one week and if things don’t work out, you can always bring them back to us (but we hope that’s not the case).

Lucy, is not home yet but she may be swept home by you! Lucy is an energetic, go-getter sort of lady that is ready to adventure, see the world, meet new people and dogs. With her enthusiasm and zest for life – Lucy is really working on her self-care skills, taking a break, and learning to settle by herself. Afterall, we do love an independent lady! Sometimes playing too much and going too long on adventures can be just too much excitement so taking breaks and letting each person know how to take a break. Lucy is a bubbly lady with lots of love to give and smarts to match, so if you are ready for an adventure of a lifetime, please come on into the Adoption Center to learn more!

Age: 1 y, 3 m

Weight: 52 lbs; 8 oz

Gender: Female

Breed: Retriever

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