Meet Tulip

Are you looking for fresh flowers? Look no further than the underbite queen herself – Tulip! Tulip recently went out on a little staycation with a volunteer to learn more about her habits in a home setting. We are pleased to share that fabulous Miss Tulip did fantastic in her home! Tulip may take time to bloom, her Foster reported 4 days to feel comfy, but once she does, she is a lover (especially with face kisses, and full body cuddles) and while sensitive to loud noises was very food motivated and able to be lured away! Look at her go!

Tulip also got to try her hand at loose leash walking (that’s fancy speak for not pulling) and her Foster reported great improvement: “by the end of the week, especially the last few days, all of their walks were with a calm loose leash and of course lots of sniffing and exploring.”

She was said to be a patient co-pilot and although she wasn’t the most avid adventurer she was learning. Her exploration of the loud city also got bolder and with slow introductions, lots of treats and taking it at quieter times she was improving in only her short vacation from the shelter. She was also learning to pass other dogs on the street but would still prefer to be the only dog in the home!

Think you and Tulip might be a match, but you want to do a trial run at home first? You can foster Tulip—meaning you’ll take them home for one week with the intention of adopting them at the end of their stay. If things don’t work out, you can always bring them back to us. If you’re interested, come see us or contact us at to learn more.

Age: 1 y, 10 m

Weight: 54 lbs; 8 oz

Gender: Female

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

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