Meet Cheyenne

Meet Cheyenne, a splendid orange and white tabby who has gracefully embraced her 10th birthday and is now ready to settle into a loving new home. With the heart of a youngster wrapped in the wisdom of her years, Cheyenne perfectly blends playful energy with a well-defined personality. She is ideally suited for an adults-only household, where she can find companions who understand and appreciate her subtle communications. Cheyenne isn’t just clever; she’s endearingly sweet and cherishes her time spent in the company of her human friends. Stop by to meet this delightful senior dame—she might just be the perfect addition to your life, ready to enrich your days with her affectionate presence and charming quirks!

Age: 10 y, 1 m

Weight: 12 lbs; 3 oz

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

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