Meet Biz

Introducing Biz, the feline embodiment of corporate elegance—she’s the CEO of Chill and a recent graduate of the prestigious Whisker Business School, where she majored in Nap Management and minored in Strategic Treat Negotiation. Don’t be fooled by her luxurious white and calico coat; this 13-year-old moggy means business, even if her business is primarily lounging and commanding adoration.

Biz, a plush, curvy connoisseur of comfort, navigates her retirement like a mogul on a yacht, minus the yacht… and the sea. She’s seeking a serene executive suite (read: your home) where she can bask in sunbeams, enjoy VIP lap privileges, and impart wisdom to respectful younglings who understand the importance of a well-timed chin scratch.

With her blend of feline finesse and boardroom bravado, Biz isn’t just a pet; she’s a lifestyle, a statement, a fluffy parcel of purrs and personality. Ready to be outclassed by a cat? Biz is on the lookout for a family that appreciates a touch of sass, a dash of grace, and the irreplaceable presence of a truly distinguished feline magnate.

Age: 13 y, 6 m

Weight: 15 lbs; 4 oz

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

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