Community Cats

Do you see or feed cats in your neighborhood? Stray cats with no particular home or owner? These are San Francisco's community cats.

Community Cats Program Overview

The San Francisco SPCA spays and neuters San Francisco’s free-roaming and unowned, community cats for freeSpay/neuter, along with consistent monitoring, easily and effectively controls the community cat population. It eliminates behaviors associated with mating such as yowling and fighting. We also vaccinate and microchip during the spay/neuter surgery before returning the cats to their outdoor homes.  Cats with guardians, slated to be pets, or lined up for adoption or foster are not eligible for this program, and should inquire about an appointment via the public spay/neuter program by calling (415)554-3030.

**The Community Cats TNR and Spay/Neuter services are by appointment only.  If you see pregnant cats, mamas with kittens, need to schedule an appointment, or have general questions or concerns, please contact us at or (415)522-3539.  Currently our response time is quicker by email.  In your email/message, please include: number of cats/kittens, address of cat(s) needing TNR, and whether you need a rental trap.  Thank you**
For more information about appointment scheduling, instructions for drop off and pick up, and renting humane cat traps, please click on the “Appointment and Rental Trap Information” page below.

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