Parker is an estimated 1 year old Retriever/Pit Bull mix who arrived to us from San Francisco Animal Care & Control. She is a perky and personable pup who loves to go to our play yard and play with toys to her heart’s content. She is progressing so well with her training to help with her lively personality. Parker is a smart pup as well and already knows cues such as auto-sits and touches. She will surely bring joy to any home she goes to!

Here’s what a good samaritan, who found Parker and brought her into the shelter, had to say about her:
“I could go on and on about how Parker turned my world upside down for a day, but just go to the SPCA and meet her. She’ll change your life. She is such a magical, goofy character who wants to be out in the world and explore and learn and rest her head on your stomach as you fall asleep.”

“I love it when you call me big papa-ya!” This beauty loves hanging out with people and getting all the affection. Her excitement can sometimes cause her to jump up on you, or pull while she’s out on a walk, but we know she means well! Thankfully, treats teach Papaya how to enjoy calm outings and interactions. When she feels very comfy with you, she will lay on your lap! How many of us can say we had a Papaya lay down in our lap? Come and pick this girl off the shelter tree and take her home with you.

Sophie is a silly young lady. She is quite a playful pup who loves to be active with activities like hikes and zoomies in the play yard. She is also super smart at well as she is fluent in a few behaviors like Look! and Touch. She does best with slow introductions where she can get to know you for a bit, then show you her super goofy and affectionate side. Come meet her!

Corinne is an eager and beautiful girl, who is really showing her friendly and eager personality with the staff and volunteers. She can get a little overexcited when she sees dogs, but she is super social with people and is always ready to hang out or go out and about. She has been doing so well learning her basics like sit as she is very treat motivated and trainable. She will brighten anyone’s day!

Arturo is more than just a pretty face! He’s a gorgeous pup with lots of energy and enthusiasm. He loves to go for walks, ziggzagging his way from one sniff to another. Sniff, sniff, sniff! Arturo believes he’s a lap dog and will fold himself into origami shapes to fit. With positive, consistent, training and encouragement, Arturo will zoom to the head of the class. Or at least zig zag there.

Aggie is an adorable and amiable gal. She is always excited to see people when its time for walk or playtime, sometimes giving kisses. Sometimes, loud and busy places make her a little timid. She much prefers quieter areas for nice walks and hanging around. Volunteers mentioned how well she has improved on her walking skills. She loves treat based training and is always willing to keep learning!

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