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Sido Program

Planning now for your pet’s future gives you peace of mind that pets will be cared for if they outlive you.

Many people don’t have a trusted, willing friend or relative to appoint as their pet’s legal guardian so they worry what will happen to their pet(s) when they pass away.  Enrolling in the SF SPCA’s Sido Program means peace of mind about the fate of your pet and folks from across the country are members.

Since 1979, dogs and cats enrolled in Sido Program have moved seamlessly into the SF SPCA’s adoption program with guaranteed medical care for life.  Adoption staff provide loving care while pets are in our shelter and staff relay medical history, food preferences and other important details to new adoptive families.

For Sido Program enrollment, please contact Jessica Sananes, Planned Giving Officer at 415.554.3027 or

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California Pet Trusts

A pet trust is a legally enforceable arrangement in California to designate the people you want to care for your pet when you are no longer able to do so. With a pet trust, you can leave money for the care of your pet and put someone in charge of spending it according to instructions that you provide.

If you consider your beloved pet to be part of your family and are concerned about what will happen to your pet if anything happens to you, you may consider creating a pet trust during your lifetime.

To learn more and obtain a copy of the San Francisco SPCA’s sample Pet Trust, please contact Jessica Sananes, Planned Giving Officer at 415.554.3027 or

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