Behavior Library - Exercise and Management

Avoid Tying Dogs

Find out why tying your dog outside while you run into a store or restaurant is not in your dog’s best interest.

Commands-Crate Training Adult Dog

Teaching your dog to spend time alone in a crate can help with house-training, chew training, settling, and kenneling.

KONG Stuffing

Dogs are genetically programmed to hunt for their food. A prime reason for behavior problems is that, unlike working dogs, companion dogs get so few mental challenges or tasks to solve. We give our dogs their food for free. Instead, mimic nature by making your dog solve a problem: How to get to his food.

No Backyard Dogs

Dogs belong inside your home as part of your family.  Find out why it’s important to train your dog to behave appropriately inside.

Recommended Reading

Download our list of great books about dog behavior, from practical how-to guides on specific issues to scholarly tomes on the origins and evolution of domestic dogs.