Dobby is a loving and affectionate dog who is eager to please, especially when there are treats involved! She loves to be pet, especially on her belly and back. She happily greets her people when they come home. She loves to cuddle on the bed or couch. She enjoys sniffing and exploring the backyard and on walks.
She is very trainable with the right patience and kindness and has a lot of potential to improve her reactiveness in the right environment. With her being anxious with new sounds and nervous/fearful around dogs and new people, it’s recommended that her new owner look into a trainer to help her become the best she can be. She has made great progress on walks and can now walk across the street from people without over-reacting. She is still fearful of dogs across the street (but can be redirected with high-value treats) and will need professional help to get her feeling comfortable and confidence to walk across the street from dogs. With her being so treat motivated, her reactivity can be managed with an experience and strong handler.
Currently, Dobby is on a medication prescribed by her vet to decrease here anxiety. It had helped her to be less reactive both at home and on walks.
There have been 5 moments where Dobby has over-reacted from a trigger and nipped/redirected onto someone. more info available on this on request
Dobby’s ideal home would have a yard and a quieter neighborhood. Dobby would do best as the only pet in the home with people who are older teens and adults. Overall, Dobby is a sweet and affectionate dog who needs a change in environment and additional training to reach her full potential. Please contact us for a more detailed discussion to determine if you are the right home for her.

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My uncle passed away suddenly and he had 2 cats (Rocky & Bullwinkle). Unfortunately, we can’t house Rocky & Bullwinkle because my husband is allergic to cat dander.

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Leo is an outgoing and loving cat. He has been our companion since 8 weeks old and we’ve enjoyed watching him grow. Leo loves to play with his toys, and can even respond to sit, paw and lay commands for treats. He is also very affectionate and will snuggle on the couch. We regrettably are looking to rehome Leo due to the limited space in our condo as our family continues to grow with a baby and extended family on the way.

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I rescued Silver from living in the streets and would like to place him in a loving, forever home. Silver is a gorgeous Russian Blue-mix male who after living on his own, has adjusted to indoor life remarkably well. He has discovered the joy of a neck massage and really knows how to lean in! He is confident, observant, and communicative, and enjoys relaxing in his cat bed on the couch. Most striking is Silver’s gaze – he looks right into your eyes. Silver was born in approximately 2011 and is healthy, neutered, and vaccinated. As a shy boy, the right home will be with someone who has patience for a shy kitty while he transfers his trust to you, and who can spend time with him, lavishing him with love & attention. You will be rewarded! Silver would do best with an experienced cat guardian; training and guidance can be provided.

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