Jimmy is an American shorthair male cat. He is 6.5 years old and will turn 7 on July this year. He is a little shy but very close to people he trusts. Jimmy is 100% domesticated cat (living at home). He also has a best friend in the world, Jack, who is his brother and adopted together by us with Jimmy since they were 3 months old. They are both very healthy and got shots timely. We are sadly looking for rehoming Jimmy because we have a young baby strongly allergic to cat dander. Hope Jimmy will have a new lovely home for his remaining life. It is better if Jimmy and Jack can go together to a new home, but a separate adoption is welcome to be considered.

Contact Crystal
Email: shenglan.duan@gmail.com
Phone: (786) 612-0364

We are in the process of a large move and unfortunately none of our new homes are allowing pets. Shes a friendly, kind dog that just needs alot of love!

Contact Veronica
Email: flowers222v@gmail.com
Phone: (510) 560-0551

Kodi is being re-homed as owner had to help autistic grandchild and moved out of SF. Kodi is a sweet, smart and friendly dog. He loves the beach and running with friends at Fort Funston! He is potty trained and has no issues riding in cars. Kodi is looking for an active home to make beach memories together.

Contact Marena
Email: marenavaleska@hotmail.com
Phone: (707) 548-5601

Tuxedo is our beloved, 10 year old American Shorthair cat. We’ve had him with us since he was a kitten, but sadly we are moving out of the country and can’t take him with us. Tux is loving, calm, and likes his occasional alone time. Once he’s comfortable, he loves cuddles and chicken dinners! We’re looking to rehome him with a family that will love him as much as we do.

Contact Aditi
Email: aditisatyavrath@gmail.com
Phone: (650) 305-0845

Suki is a very sweet cat. I adopted her at 6 months old and she was not fully socialized at that time. She would thrive in a mellow environment with one or two people. Once she is comfortable, she loves napping near you and will certainly become affectionate although it may take some time and patience.

Contact Sara
Email: saracolley99@gmail.com
Phone: (206) 265-9294

Wonderful lovely cat, but we think he needs to be in a quieter home. We have a very active, loud household and Reggie is a bit shy and gets a little stressed.

Contact Galina
Email: gmalyova@gmail.com
Phone: (415) 361-8328

Bonded to Milo. Mika (and her 2 year old adopted brother, Milo) is a very sweet and gentle 2 year old cat. She loves to cuddle with you and occasionally lick you with affection. She’s mostly an indoor cat but also likes to go outdoors in our backyard sometime to play. She’s very affectionate and loves to chill out at home for the most part.

Contact Mo
Email: park.mo333@gmail.com
Phone: (415) 254-5171

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