SF: Pet-Friendliest City

On March 1, 2014, the San Francisco SPCA and Pets Unlimited merged, creating a centralized animal care nonprofit. By joining together, our like-minded organizations can better support our community, clients, and the animals that we serve.

Animal Instincts Pet Condoms

Animal Instincts uses faux animal condoms to promote spay/neuter. The condom packages contain leaflets highlighting the importance of having your pet fixed. Users who try to browse the Animal Instincts website soon find the message, “There’s only one real fix. Spay or neuter your pet.”

Here for Animals: Geometry Global

Our brand campaign, displayed throughout the city, highlights our services and long history as part of the San Francisco community.

Kitten Season: Geometry Global

Every spring, when the weather becomes warm and many cats spend more time outside, shelters across the country are suddenly faced with an influx of kittens. We call this “kitten season.”

Puppy Mills Singalong: BBDO SF

This 60-second commercial has a catchy singalong jingle, but a sad message. That puppy you buy online is probably from a puppy mill. Don’t be fooled by slick websites – if you don’t visit the breeder, you can’t know for sure.

Blue Spring Valley Dogs: BBDO SF

BBDO San Francisco developed a micro-website at BlueSpringValleyDogs.com masquerading as a friendly breeder’s site, which ultimately reveals itself to show the harsh realities of puppy mills.

Puppy Bins: BBDO SF

To get the word out about puppy mills, we customized a city newspaper bin with a digital screen and sound effects so it appeared to be a bin full of puppies; when opened, one found information on the horrors of puppy mill breeding. We recorded the reactions of unsuspecting passersby, and then posted that footage on the internet to increase exposure for the campaign.

Sorry People: Geometry Global

“Sorry People” promotes our veterinary hospital as so state-of-the-art that humans would want to makes appointments for themselves.

Certified Pre-Owned: Geometry Global

Certified Pre-Owned Pets highlights the adoptability of shelter animals as an alternative to buying a pet. This campaign focuses on the benefits of adopting an animal from the shelter, like a free veterinary check and up-to-date vaccinations.