Pax is an incredibly loving, friendly dog who easily wins the hearts of dog and people friends alike, with some exceptions of course. We’ve had him for 1.5 years (adopted him when he was 1, and we’ve done our best to give him a happy and helpful environment with lots of socializing and consistent professional training. It breaks our hearts to part with him but we are expecting our firstborn child and Pax is not ready for kids in the home. Pax is almost always quiet, easy, and sweet. He will bark at approaching strangers from about 10 yards away, or at strange loud noises. When we expect guests at the house we have him meet them outside with happy, gentle interactions before going back in, and have been quite successful. He is strong and lunges towards strangers and dogs that stimulate his fear sensors. He is super trainable in the sense that he loves training and is very food motivated, and we believe he could live a really happy life in a quieter setting, ideally around another balanced dog.

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