UPDATE – Animals: Our Priority. Our Purpose. We Can Protect Them

UPDATE: Thank you! So many of you have reached out asking how you can help. Your compassion shows no limits.

Right now, monetary donations are most needed, as they allow us to quickly meet the most urgent needs. Your support will save animals now and after this crisis. You can donate online today.

If you would like to donate pet food or other essentials, please visit our In-Kind Donations page for more information. Due to the public health order, please don’t bring items to our locations.

We’ve found enough foster homes for now! The situation is fluid and we may need more before the shutdown ends. We will reach out if we do, so please look out for our emails.

Please know all of the cats and dogs are safe and sound in foster homes or our shelter.

We will be in touch with you as the situation progresses. Take care of yourself and those you love.

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