De-Stressing Your Pet’s World

De-Stressing Your Pet’s World
Did you know that reducing everyday stressors in your pet’s life can actually increase their lifespan? When pets are anxious or stressed, they often experience a fight-or-flight response, which causes their hearts to race and creates undue pressure on their bodies. While we rely on our beloved animals to bring us comfort as we continue to shelter in place, we can return the favor and make sure their worlds are as comfortable as possible by taking a few simple steps.

Quality Time
Gentle rubs, exercise, and playtime are all part of a healthy day for pets.

  • For cats, touching them on their lips, the hairless area above their eyes, the base of their ears, the space where their head and neck meet, or the base of their tail can provide nurturing affection. Engaging your cat with a noodle or plush toy that includes catnip or another pheromone-producing fragrance will offer an interactive way for you to bond (a win for you both!).
  • For dogs, going on walks where they have time to sniff and explore, playing fetchand offering treats as part of positive-reinforcement behavior training can make every day brighter.

Safe Spaces

  • For cats, you can help them relax by providing scratching posts (that allow them to keep their nails trim) and cat castles made out of cardboard boxes (where they can curl up for a nap). To tend to their calls of nature, offer one more litter box than the number of cats in your household, so they have access at any time.
  • For dogs, ensure that floors are clean (they have a tendency to pick up dirt, dander, pollen, and spores) and offer a bed, kennel, or crate where they feel safe.
  • For all animals, always have fresh, cold water available and reduce any heavy fragrances (dogs have 40 times the olfactory smelling receptors of humans!).

Telemedicine and Preventative Treatments
With our Telemedicine services, you can speak with a veterinarian from home over the phone or on a mobile/desktop device to address your pet’s needs. Call us at 415-554-3030 to make an appointment.

At the SF SPCA Online Pharmacy, you have access to a variety of preventatives such as flea/tick medications and heartworm protection as well as prescription-grade food.

Your pets rely on you to make their world as safe and comfortable as possible. As we continue to live in this “next normal,” take a few extra minutes a day to engage with your dog or cat and ensure they are getting all the love they give back to you.

The San Francisco SPCA continues to help sick and homeless animals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Would you consider a monthly donation? We thank you in advance for your help.

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