Behavior Patient Profile: Snow Cone

We adopted Snow Cone (formerly Sloan) in February 2021 from the SF SPCA. Snow Cone had severe anxiety when we first adopted her, she was on four different medications and was frequently jumping and mouthing people. We reached out to the Behavior Service Team and met with Dr. Wailani Sung MS, PhD, DVM, DACVB.

Dr. Sung provided us with a treatment plan, including training exercises to work on with Snow Cone and a plan to begin weaning Snow Cone off medication. Dr. Sung’s recommendation to leave the room when Snow Cone began mouthing at people were really helpful for curbing her biting habits. Additionally, her strategies for slowly leaving her for longer and longer periods have helped Snow Cone learn to be calm when left alone. We started out not being able to leave her at all, and are now able to leave her for up to six hours!

Snow Cone is the BEST GIRL and we are so happy we adopted her from the SF SPCA!

Need help with your pet’s behavior issue? Contact the SF SPCA’s Behavior Specialty Services.

Thanks to the SF SPCA, Snow Cone no longer has mouthing issues                                                   

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