Kitten Kindergarten

Building the next generation of confident, well-adjusted cats!

Dogs aren’t the only ones who need early socialization and training. Kittens also benefit from early exposure to new experiences, which help them become confident, well-adjusted adult cats.

Kitten Kindergarten includes:

  • Kitten socialization (playtime!)
  • Clicker training
  • Carrier desensitization and vet visit practice
  • Nail trim and toothbrush coaching
  • Exposure to new people, smells, sights, and sounds
  • Important education about litter box management, scratching options, enrichment, and more
  • Plenty of Q&A opportunities with members of the SF SPCA cat team!

(If your kitten is too old for Kitten K, or is on the shyer side, we welcome auditors (human-only attendees) at an affordable rate!  Contact us at (415) 522-3509 if you'd like to join us as an observer.)

Frequency & Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours per week for 2 weeks

Fee: $45

Course prerequisites: Kittens must be 16 weeks of age or under on the first day of class, and have had at least 2 in their series of vaccinations, have been dewormed, and tested negative for FELV. Cats should be comfortable with gentle handling from a friendly stranger.  Very shy or undersocialized kittens will not be a good fit for this class.

Location: SF SPCA Mission Campus

Class includes: Handbook, clicker, homework, and certificate of completion

Class capacity: 6 kittens.  At least one adult human per kitten must attend, and we ask for a maximum of two humans per kitten.

Upcoming Classes:

Kitten Kindergarten is on hiatus until late spring of 2017! Please check back then, and in the meantime please check our online cat behavior resource library for feline behavior advice!

Questions? Call (415) 522-3509