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KONG Stuffing

Dogs are genetically programmed to hunt for their food. A prime reason for behavior problems is that, unlike working dogs, companion dogs get so few mental challenges or tasks to solve. We give our dogs their food for free. Instead, mimic nature by making your dog solve a problem: How to get to his food.


Learn what urine marking is and how to address this behavior.

No Backyard Dogs

Dogs belong inside your home as part of your family.  Find out why it’s important to train your dog to behave appropriately inside.

Nothing in Life Is Free

NILIF builds your dog’s confidence by providing clear rules and enjoyable outcomes for good behavior. Soon, your dog will voluntarily be following your commands more and more of the time.

Nuisance Behaviors

Learn why your dog exhibits nuisance behaviors and how to address them.


Learn about choosing the right diet for your dog based on age and lifestyle to promote health and prevent obesity.

Poop Eating

Learn why your dog eats poop and how to address this behavior.

Private Trainer Referral List

Partial list of private San Francisco SPCA dog trainers in the Bay Area, updated periodically. Last update: September 28, 2015.

Puppy Chew Training

Chewing is natural for puppies.  Learn how to correctly manage your puppy’s chewing behavior.

Puppy Play Biting and Mouthing

Learn how to teach your puppy bite inhibition.

Puppy Socialization

Learn how to properly socialize your puppy to a variety of situations.

Puppy Socialization Chart

Chart for tracking your puppy's socialization progress.

Ready to Adopt Dog

Life with a dog comes with many benefits, but also involves many responsibilities. It’s important to carefully think through the decision to adopt, because owning a dog is a commitment that can last anywhere from 10 to 17 years.

Recognizing and Managing Pain

Pets exhibit pain in a variety of ways, which can be difficult to recognize.  Learn how to identify pain in your pet and how to address it.

Recommended Reading

Download our list of great books about dog behavior, from practical how-to guides on specific issues to scholarly tomes on the origins and evolution of domestic dogs.

Repetitive Behavior

Learn what common repetitive behaviors are and how to address them.