Behavior Library - Dog Behavior Resources

Aggression Toward People

Learn what aggression looks like and how to address aggressive behavior in your dog.

Alone Time Training Game

Teach your dog to be left alone without setting off his anxiety with this training game.  See also Separation-Related Problems, Independence Training, Crate Training, and KONG Stuffing handouts for more information.

Attention Seeking

Learn what attention-seeking behaviors look like and how to address them in your dog.

Avoid Tying Dogs

Find out why tying your dog outside while you run into a store or restaurant is not in your dog’s best interest.


Learn why dogs bark and how to address barking from your dog.

Basket Muzzle

Sometimes it is beneficial for your dog to wear a basket muzzle. The muzzle will keep you and others safe. When your dog is properly introduced to the muzzle, it can make him more relaxed and comfortable during the behavior modification program—or anything else your dog may not like.


Learn why dogs beg and how to address begging behaviors in your dog.

Body Language

Here’s an overview that can help you learn to read your dog’s signals. Look for the clues provided by the look in her eyes, the tone of her voice, the position of her ears and body, and the motion of her tail.


Learn why dogs chew and how to address your dog’s chewing.

Commands-180 Turn Command

Teaching your dog to turn 180 degrees on command allows you to turn him away from things that might make him react negatively.

Commands-Crate Training Adult Dog

Teaching your dog to spend time alone in a crate can help with house-training, chew training, settling, and kenneling.


Down is a great way to teach your dog impulse control and to make your life easier. A dog lying down can’t jump, surf counters, knock over trash cans, or steal your shoes. A dog that masters a well-trained down is much easier to take out in public and to other people’s houses.

Commands-Drop It

Teaching your dog to drop something on command means you will be able to get dangerous or unauthorized items away from your dog without problems or aggression.

Commands-Find It

When your dog knows “find it,” you can distract your dog away from or pass distractions in the environment. It’s also a great way to give your dog a mental workout.

Commands-Front Door Greeting

You can control nuisance barking at the door by teaching your dog how to respond when the doorbell rings.

Commands-Front Door Quiet

The idea behind this exercise is to allow your dog to bark when there is someone at the door, but for him to be quiet when told.