My Story

Buttercup is a scottish fold and polydactyl a very rare and a valuable cat. She’s spayed ,vaccinated, flea ; and mite free, bathed and ready for a home. I rescued her when she was pregnant. Everyone was quick to adopt her babies after vet care but nobody wanted a adult cat:( . She’s very quirky and funny, independent, loving and easy to care for. She has NO issues (spraying, crying too much , aggression, ect ). She gets along with most pets and kids and all adults. You can’t have any aggressive/ unruly /rowdy toddler’s/ pets in home, that will invade her space. And you must have enough room, time, finances and love, to be able to provide for her.

Contact Abby
Email: isaideborah@yahoo.com
Phone: (510) 399-3977

Facts About Me
Age 2 y
Gender Female
Breed Scottish fold
Help me get seen and adopted

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