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Meet Orion!
You’ll fall in love with his starry eyes!

If you are looking for a husky, but don’t want all of the hyper active energy, and you have a quiet house, Orion might be the dog for you! He is a low energy dog, who loves a nice walk (and everyone will tell you how beautiful he is! I walk him once in the morning and once at night). He also does great in long car rides, and loves to be a couch potato all day, and he loves stretching! (Watching Orion stretch is the cutest thing ever!) He is super happy laying around sleeping while you write emails or take work calls all day, and he will sometimes come up to you and give you a little kiss on your leg!

He is very smart and well trained, passing both beginner and intermediate level training classes at petsmart. He knows sit, wait, stay, down, paw/shake, come, is trained to touch your hand with his nose or put his chin in your hand, and he is very food motivated! He is potty trained and only needs to be let out to potty twice a day, but he is pretty easy going so he will adjust to your work schedule routine. He is also crate trained and sleeps in his crate at night and goes in his crate when you leave. He is very healthy, up to date on all of his vet records/annual checkup, flea/tick prevention, vaccines, and he is microchipped.

Overall he is a dog that likes to stay at home and chill with his owner. He loves belly rubs and often rolls over on his back or will give you his paw and let you know he wants more belly rubs!

On walks or at home with his owner, he is extremely quiet and never barks at people or other dogs and very easy to walk on a leash/is lead trained. He loves being with his owner, and will even lay his head in your lap. But he is wary of new people and needs to be introduced to friends slowly and consistently, so he will do best in a quiet home that has a small consistent social circle, and a home that does not have other pets or random visitors. Once you get to know him, he creates a strong bond with you and is so sweet!

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Email: heronbash@gmail.com
Phone: (151) 092-1642

Facts About Me
Age 2 y
Gender Male
Breed Siberian Husky
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