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We have made the hard decision to rehome our dog, Remi. He is an Australian Cattle Dog-Mini Australian Shepard dog mix. Estimated age ~5-6 years old, 30 lbs. We originally got him as a rescue in 2018 and have been lucky to have him ever since.

However, once our daughter was born last year, we’ve come to discover that he really should be in a home without young children.

He is SUCH a good dog — so loving, loyal, intelligent and really just a great companion. He loves to be in the same room as his humans when possible. He is extremely smart and picks up on new tricks very quickly. He knows basic commands: sit, down, stay, come, wait, leave it, speak, quiet, “where’s the cat?”, heel. He is potty trained and neutered. He is an active dog and is most happy if he is walked at least twice a day and/or engaged in a high-energy activity like frisbee/fetch/a long hike. Although he is medium-high energy, he has never been destructive in our home, even during the rainy season when we’re not able to take him out for as much activity as usual. 

Although he is a herding dog, we have never had any problems with him nipping our heels and we actually have a cat that he gets along well with too. At the park, he tends to get along with most dogs that are smaller than him. With dogs that are larger than him, he may be friendly, but depending on the dog, he may get nervous. He hasn’t had aggression issues or a history of bites. He typically only barks if he hears the doorbell or if someone new comes into the home, but will settle down after a minute. He is friendly with most strangers, but sometimes can take time to warm up to men. 

He is up to date with his vaccines, no health concerns, and doesn’t take any medications besides regular tick/flea and heart worm medication.

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Facts About Me
Age 5 y
Gender Male
Breed Australian Cattle Dog / Australian Shepard
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