Snax (& Chase)

My Story

Snax is a 5 yr old female german shepherd dog. She is an explorer, loves chasing squirrels and tummy rubs. She was adopted in 2019 from the SPCA. She knows some standard commands: sit, down, spin, bang bang (plays dead) and rollover. She is a working dog and needs to be with active people to run or go on hikes with. She is an excellent running partner! She still has some anxiety issues so she doesn’t do well in crowded, over stimulating environments, and dogs or children that are of the same eye level. So it is important she goes to a family with experience with large working dogs, as she needs consistent training, guidance and discipline.
She would thrive in an environment where she has space to run and explore and is not overwhelmed with city noise and traffic. She loves to snuggle and will know when you need comforting. She will end up… no she will be your best friend. When she sleeps, she snores very softly with her mouth open and it is the cutest thing ever.

* Cat friendly? No

* Dog friendly? Yes and No-> Not good in big groups and does better with slow intros

* Small animal friendly? NO->high prey drive

* Child friendly? NO-> anyone that is about the same height as her, she is wary of

Please email for interest.

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Phone: (510) 899-3412

Facts About Me
Age 5 y
Gender Female
Breed German Shepherd
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