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We rescued Olive at 6 months old and have given her a boat load of love and training since then. She sits, stays, rolls over, comes…she loves her balls and is the biggest cuddle bug around. Olive appreciates a lot of exercise and at the same time, hates to get her paws wet and loves being pampered. We are big hikers and she can walk with us for hours and hours! Now for the challenging pieces. Olive is very protective and can be leash reactive to people and dogs. She does not like having her space invaded by little people. We recently had a baby and plan on having another. Her reactivity is too much for us when we are also managing our baby. She has never once torn up anything in our house, is crate and house trained, and is a very loving companion.

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Email: snchampie@gmail.com
Phone: (707) 223-3146

Facts About Me
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Age 3 y
Gender Female
Breed Terrier
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