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Ada was adopted from SF Animal Care & Control in August 2019. She was about 7 months old at adoption, and we’ve estimated her birthday to be 1/31/19. We don’t have a lot of information prior to her being at SF-ACC; she was found in a city park.

She is a bit aloof, and could probably use someone familiar with owning cats for her new home. She likes to be in the same room as me when I’m home, but doesn’t like a ton of petting, cuddling, or being held. She will cuddle up with me at night, and likes to sleep on my bed.

We are looking for a new home because she has been unable to adjust to other pets in the house – she has started peeing in my bed and acting out. She’s had vet tests done and is physically healthy, but efforts to relieve her stress (keeping separate from the dog, playing before bed, etc) have not kept her from continuing to pee on the bed. She had none of these issues prior.

She is a shy cat, and while she is friendly and curious to new humans, she needs a quieter home (no travel) that has no other pets.

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Phone: (512) 423-8657

Facts About Me
Age 3 y
Gender Female
Breed American Shorthair
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