June (Juniper)

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June (Juniper) is a classically energetic, intelligent and anxious border collie mix. He is highly play motivated (especially with a frisbee, but he’s also a soccer prodigy as long as he doesn’t have to pass the ball), he always wants to be outside, and he develops a close bond with a few people whom he likes to remain close to (does not experience separation anxiety in familiar environments).

June loves water once he’s acclimated to it, he rarely barks or howls (though can whine), loves playing while he has an audience, and is an objectively beautiful boy. June is great off leash, with excellent recall and an intuition to stay close to his person, though needs reminding not to pull on a leash. He does well with consistency and routine.

June however has an anxious reactivity to sound that requires considerate maneuvering. June has a seemingly easy time developing fearful responses to new sounds, and if that isn’t managed (if he doesn’t have a way to either identify and become desensitized, to escape when needed, or to be counter conditioned or some alternate behavioral management strategy), his fear can really hinder his quality of life.

June is currently prescribed an SSRI (prozac) for this reactivity, and is currently getting acclimated to this.

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Facts About Me
Age 4 y
Gender Male
Breed Border Collie mix (likely with springer spaniel)
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