My Story

Pongo is a very smart, very sweet five-month-old rescue from Mexico. We thought he would be a wonderful addition to our family, but unfortunately our older dog is not adjusting very well. We don’t feel it’s fair to put our senior dog through this at this point in his life.

Pongo does great with other dogs and people that we meet out walking. He has learned sit, down, and stay, and has made huge improvements with leash walking. He was crate trained in Mexico for several weeks before arriving so he sleeps through the night and does not have accidents in the crate. He has also done very well with not having accidents in the house.

Pongo is up-to-date on vaccines, and has a clean bill of health.

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Email: kevinplotzker@gmail.com
Phone: (209) 499-4662

Facts About Me
Age Less than 1 y
Gender Male
Breed Lab mix
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