Aphrodite Zinus Gallop Addison Hayes

My Story

Aphrodite is my sweet baby that I do not want to let go of. I rescued her when she was about 2-3 months. Since then a lot has changed – gas, rent and food prices which have caused a strain on my standard of living. Aphrodite is a sweet girl who loves kisses, cuddles and home cooked meals. It is best she sleeps in the dark, keeping lights on will keep her up at night also loud noises as well. She doesn’t like to be alone so having her somewhere she can see you the first couple weeks while she adjust is best. She likes for her water bowl to be in her cage at night because she gets thirsty. She loves running especially after a good poop. She loves other humans more than dogs but she loves dogs too. She likes to play tug of war and she loves to lay under you. She is an inside dog and doesn’t like being outside too long. She doesn’t like wet grass either.

Contact Ricayla
Email: ricaylag@yahoo.com
Phone: (252) 619-9276

Facts About Me
Age 1 y
Gender Female
Breed Golden retriever Labrador mix
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