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Agent Coulson is a dapper fellow who, while pretty independent, likes to check in with his peops regularly. Coulson does communicate quite a lot using body language, soft woofs and an occasional growl if the situation warrants it. He’s a dog who does not want to say hello to every dog or every person on the street. Of course there are very few of us who want to greet *everyone* we see – at the very least it’s too time-consuming. Unfamiliar folks make Coulson a little nervous and he communicates this quite well if you are paying attention. No problems. A dream to walk with, he’s a fluffy guy who likes who he likes and loves the treats they carry. Coulson would prefer not to share his space with very young children. If you are interested in learning more about this cool dude, please complete the online interest form.

Facts About Me
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Age 8 y; 4 m
Weight 57 lbs; 4 oz
Gender Male
Breed Chow Chow Mix
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