My Story

Nala comes from the far away land of Tulare County. In the words of her foster folks, “Nala is the perfect dog!” She doesn’t want to share her humans with other canine companions, but who can blame her? Nala “thinks it’s a great game to attack the swiffer and hose attachments” as they are the most dangerous indigenous critters in the home. If you need some help pre-washing your dishes, Nala would like to apply for the job! Once you experience the wonder of Nala’s loving personality, you’ll be convinced she belongs in your pride.

Volunteer Melissa said, ” I can 100% vouch for this dog being nearly perfect. She loves all people, is polite, silly, cuddly, and smart. She is an awesome dog buddy!”

Facts About Me
Age 7 y; 9 m
Weight 52 lbs; 14 oz
Gender Female
Breed Shepherd Terrier, Pit Bull
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