Sit, Stay, LOVE

Sit, Stay, Love 

Enrich your school or classroom with a visit from the San Francisco SPCA! Our Humane Education department conducts school visits throughout the year, encouraging youth to develop and express attitudes of compassion, kindness, generosity, and respect for all living creatures.
Classroom visits are FREE for all San Francisco teachers and educational organizations, though donations are
encouraged and appreciated! Our Sit, Stay, Love program runs from October-April. 
  • Available for K-2nd grade
  • Offered to any schools in San Francisco 
  • Length: Each program consists of 5, 30-minute visits, which may be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Each visit includes an engaged reading session featuring a humane-animal themed book and lots of critical thinking!
Fill out this form if you are interested in having an SF SPCA volunteer bring this program to your classroom. 
Once you have filled it out, we will get you in touch with one of our amazing Sit, Stay, Love volunteers to schedule our program. Note: Our program will begin November 2016 and visits are scheduled based on the availibility of volunteers. 
Interested in volunteering with this program? Email us!



The books we've chosen for this program are empathy-building books, sequenced to provide humaned education, literacy, and critical thinking skills to the students. 
  • Session 1:  Happy Tail of Two Cats  -  This is a story about two cats who live very different lives. One happy cat has a wonderful family and is always loved. The other cat begins the story as an unhappy cat who does not get a lot of attention. Follow our second cat as he is taken to an animal shelter, meets his loving new family, and becomes a happy cat as well. Themes of adoption, cat needs and responsible pet ownership are discussed.
  • Session 2: Buddy Unchained  -  Happy in a new home, Buddy tells the story of his former life of neglect, abuse, and finally, rescue, to live a good life with a family that cares about him. Themes about neglect, responsible pet ownership, and kindness are discussed.
  • Session 3: Forgotten Rabbit  -  A little rabbit comes home with two excited young children but when they excitement wanes, the little rabbit finds herself forgotten all alone in a cage. A young girl rescues the rabbit and names her Bella. Find out about the many fun activities and the friendships that Bella and the girl form in this delightful story! Themes of the human-animal bond, friendship, proper pet care, and responsibility are discussed.
  • Session 4: Hens for Friends  -   When Aaron and his family decide to adopt six hens, they learn about the responsibilities that come with raising backyard hens. Aaron develops close friendships with a hen named Margaret. Readers learn interesting facts about hens and about the benefits of having Hens for Friends. The bold culturally diverse illustrations bring this story to life! Themes of responsible pet ownership, compassion, and friendship are discussed.
  • Session 5: “Let’s Get a Pup” Said Kate  -  Following the death of her cat, Kate is lonesome for a new pet. The family goes to the local animal rescue center for a puppy, and falls for a large, older dog in the process. The book extols both the reasons to adopt from a shelter and the rewards of giving an adult dog a second chance.