Preschool Story Time

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Preschool Story Time is the tour for children ages three to five. During the program, San Francisco SPCA Humane Educators read an animal-themed children's book with a humane message. Readings are followed by a craft or activity and a tour of the adoption center.

We've combined reading, creativity and animals for a fun-filled program that Bay Area youngsters are sure to enjoy. This program encourages preschool-age children to foster kindness and respect for animals.


  • Preschool Story Time can be scheduled during the school year from September through April.
  • This program is designed for children ages three to five.
  • Guests are encouraged to donate an item from our Wish List to help the animals.
  • We are unable to accommodate youth with severe allergies to animals.
  • Groups must have at least one adult for every three children. Accompanying adults are asked to help with group management throughout the program.
  • If your group has more than 15 youngsters, please plan on scheduling multiple visits.
  • Preschool Tours have a fee of $50 per group. 

Please book preschool storytimes through our TOURS page here