Classroom Visits

Classroom visits


Enrich your school or classroom with a visit from the San Francisco SPCA! Our Humane Education department conducts school visits throughout the year, encouraging youth to develop and express attitudes of compassion, kindness, generosity, and respect for all living creatures.

Classroom visits are FREE for all Title 1 San Francisco teachers and educational organizations, though donations are encouraged and appreciated! Classroom visits run from October-April. 

Currently, there are different classroom visit options for educators to choose depending on grade level and qualifications. Our HEART (2nd-5th grade) lessons and activities meet Common Core Standards for their respective grade levels.  Our HEART program is broken into two tracks: 2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade.

HEART (Human Educators Advocating Responsible Thinking)

  • Available for 2nd-5th grade
  • Offered to classrooms in a Title 1 or low-income schools in the San Francisco Unified School District
  • Meets Common Core Standards for respective grade levels
  • Length: Each program consists of three to four, 1-hour visits, which may be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly- ONLY OFFERED WEDNESDAYS AND THURSDAYS
  • Each visit includes a humane-themed lesson, critical thinking, and an interactive activity

2nd Grade Program

  • Includes  three visits:
    • 1st Visit: Dog Safety. This lesson includes an engaging puppet show on how to be safe around dogs!
    • 2nd Visit: Pet Responsibility and Overpopulation. What does it take to be a responsible pet guardian? Find out how we can care for pets and what their needs are with a hands-on activity.
    • 3rd Visit: Wildlife in Your Community!  Learn how to respect all animals, especially those in your community. You might be surprised what animals are out there!

3rd-5th Grade:

  • Includes  four visits:
    • 1st Visit: Pet Responsibility and Dog Safety. This lesson includes a hands-on activity about what pets need and how to be safe around both dogs and cats.
    • 2nd Visit: Overpopulation. There are many homeless animals in our world! Students will use their critical thinking to find out just how many homeless animals there are and what we can all do to help.
    • 3rd Visit: Urban Wildlife!  Learn how to respect all animals, especially those in your community. You might be surprised what animals are out there and how we are all interconnected.
    • 4th Visit: All About SFSPCA! Find out all the exciting things SFSPCA is doing in our community and how you can get involved to help animals!


How to Request a Classroom Visit

Email the following information:

  • At least three preferred dates (one month's notice required)- Only Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Preferred time of day
  • Grade
  • Number of students
  • Teacher's name, phone number and email address
  • School name and address