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Hi everyone 👋 Nice to meet you!
Looking for an experienced dog owner (preferably with big dogs) to potentially adopt our dog, Yubi. We honestly just want her to go to a loving home, hopefully with a big yard she can run around! She would be a really great running/hiking companion.
Breed: German Shepherd mix
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 47 lbs
We adopted Yubi when she was about 1 from the SPCA. She is well trained, well loved, well taken care of. My dad takes her to fort funston almost everyday, and that is her paradise. She loves dog parks and being off leash. She has good recall, knows basic tricks (Sit, stay, down, leave it, paw, jump up, bang, touch, sometimes will weave through your legs). She is very well behaved at home, chilled out, and relatively independent. She is quite vocal, and is a great guard dog! LOVES to bask in the sun in the afternoons. She will not destroy anything in the house when we leave her alone, and she is potty trained. If she needs to go, she will let you know by whining at the front door.
We are looking to rehome her because my parents will start going to China for months at a time, my sister is moving to NY, and I don’t have enough time to give her the attention and exercise she needs.
– Yubi does have some leash aggression (but we’ve been working with a trainer and she’s improved SO MUCH!!) and she has attachment anxiety.
– She probably needs at least 1.5 hours of exercise a day, and someone that is frequently around since we don’t leave her alone for longer than 4 hours max.
– A bit anxious and territorial in cars, but enjoys riding with the windows down. Will usually bark when she sees other dogs inside the car.
– She is usually amazing at dog parks off leash, more on edge on the leash.
– She will either engage/play with dogs, or ignore them at parks. (She seems to like other shepherds the most, or dogs that are more similar in size or bigger than her. Her best friend is a shepherd!!

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Phone: (415) 218-9313

Age: 3 years

Gender: Female

Breed: German Shepherd Mix

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