Meet Vincent and Claude

Vincent Van Cat and Claude Meownet (The artist twins), are two DSH grey tabbies, introverted shy and reserved to begin with, but they will warm up with time and steal your heart. They are bonded and will adopt together. They love to play and cuddle. And they love each other. Lounging and grooming each other is one of their favorite things. Claude is the ‘baby face’ of the two. He will charm you with his good looks and sweet demeanor. Vincent is an introspective kitty. His eyes denote he’s a deep thinker and possibly knows more than we think. He’s a real charmer. Both are the sweetest kitties. These kitties would thrive in a quiet mellow household with possibly other friendly young-ish cats who like to play, and people who are patient, kind and willing to allow them to adjust to a new environment in their own time. Probably older children in the household are fine or younger mellow children who are used to cats.
Can you give these two handsome cats a loving forever home? They will give you much love in return. <3 Contact me for a meet and greet or if you have questions!

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Phone: (510) 289-8220

Age: 1 year

Gender: Male

Breed: DSH

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