Sensei and Ninja

My Story

Introducing the most endearing duo, a bonded pair of brothers from different mothers-Ninja and Sensei. These two have shared their lives together and have formed an unbreakable bond. They are as inseparable as they come. At 13 years young, these delightful brothers showcase a heartwarming blend of friendliness, calmness, playfulness, curiosity, cuddliness, and loyalty.

Ninja and Sensei are on a quest to find a loving home where they can continue their journey side by side, cherishing their golden years together and forming a strong bond with a new human or family. We are passionately dedicated to helping them discover the perfect forever home where they can flourish in each other’s company. If you’re considering opening your home and heart to these two captivating boys, we invite you to visit us-and them-at the SF SPCA. You’ll soon realize that the love and companionship they offer are genuinely extraordinary and heartwarming.

Facts About Me
Age 13 y; 4 m
Weight 8 lbs; 12 oz
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Bonded With Ninja
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