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Ricky and his brother Lake are sweet, curious, amazing cats. They let our young kids (3 and 5) snuggle them and in the 8 months we’ve had them there has been no destruction of furniture or accidents. They explore and play and cuddle together all the time. They meow a little bit when they’re hungry but they’re flexible about their needs. We LOVE these cats, but our dogs don’t and we have come to the painful realization that Ricky and Lake need a home where they can have a better life with more access to their people. Our dogs continue to chase them and it’s not fair to them. The cats have done nothing wrong, but since our dogs haven’t adjusted, it’s making Ricky and Lake’s enjoyment of our home more limited. These cats will adjust well to nearly any type of home and will love having more access to people snuggles!

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Email: lindsaydowdle@gmail.com
Phone: (415) 652-6737

Facts About Me
Age Less than 1 year
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Shorthair
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