Meet Raina

Raina, the stunning German Shepherd, was a gem from the start. She breezed past adorable kittens without pulling or barking! Classy and composed!
Out on the streets, Raina was the epitome of cool.
Bikers, kids, adults–nothing phased her. She soaked up the sunshine and scents, living her best doggy life. Can you blame her?
Hold onto your hats! We bumped into a tiny chihuahua, and Raina? She strutted like a superstar, radiating fabulousness. She’s got that
‘I’m too cool to be bothered” attitude down pat!
In the car, Raina rocked as the ultimate co-pilot.
Relaxed and people-watching like a pro. Move over, Hollywood stars!
Sure, Raina had a moderate drive-she couldn’t resist a little tug when a squirrel caught her eye.
But with a playful reminder, she refocused.
Squirrel-0, Raina-1!
But Raina’s not just a pretty face she’s a sweetheart too. She embraced cuddles and let us check her paws for foxtails. And in the car, she claimed my sister’s lap as her royal throne. Long live Queen Raina!
Ready for a lifetime of love and adventure? Raina is your perfect match!

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Phone: (714) 756-1184

Age: 3 years

Gender: Female

Breed: German Shepard

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