My Story

Punkin came to me as a foster back in 2018. She was very timid and shy at first but slowly built trust w me.

My life has changed and I moved in w my partner and we had a baby. Since we moved in, she charges my partner’s dog. Even when he is asleep in his crate she will sometimes run across the apartment to bark at him. It’s the noise and the vocalization that drove me to this very difficult decision.

She is a wonderful dog for someone who has experience w vocalizing small breeds – she’s VERY affectionate and loves to cuddle up.

If you have a small, quiet home w a closed yard and you work from home all day, she’s make a great little lap-warmer.

I can’t recommend her to a home w kids. She loves children (girls especially) but can easily be overwhelmed and overstimulated.

She needs a quiet, stable and loving environment.

Contact Thomas
Email: tomapgar@gmail.com
Phone: (917) 674-3038

Facts About Me
Age 7 years
Gender Female
Breed Chihuahua/Russell(?)
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