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Ozzy is a gentle and friendly pup. He is 1.5 years old and neutered. He loves other dogs and is very sweet with strangers and children. He does not bark, barely sheds, has almost no smell and is not destructive and spends most of the day napping or chilling out. He is very chill with people coming and going from the house and is not at all reactive on leash. We are looking for a new home for him because we do not have enough time/attention to properly take care of him. He has had dog walkers and sitters, but prefers to be home with his people at home. He is very kind but also a bit aloof and independent which is apparently common for his breed which specializes in hunting rabbits in packs. He is house broken and crate and leash trained. His recall is not great as he prefers to roam around sniffing to staying with his human. He has also had some anxiety in the car (loud whining) – this issue has largely resolved for us but it never resolved for his dog walker. He is difficult to train for obedience or recall because he is not very focused on humans, but definitely improves when we put in the time. Overall he is a ridiculously cute and easy going without any serious issues. We are committed to finding him the great home (ideally with another dog) he deserves. His shots are all current and he even has a health insurance policy we got him as a puppy.

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Email: laurenburke@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (415)810-9877

Facts About Me
Age 1 year
Gender Male
Breed Portuguese Podengo
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