My Story

Oscar is the sweetest and friendliest boy. He is unbelievably smart and playful, and he loves to chat. He is very much like a dog in that he meets you at the door when you come home and likes to play fetch. He snuggles with you at night and loves to cuddle on your lap while you watch tv. He recently started going outside during the day and is very responsible. He stays pretty local in our neighborhood, which is pretty suburban, and comes back to check in every couple of hours. I love this cat so incredibly much- he is such a good best friend and is the most wonderful companion. I want to find him a home where he is living a fulfilling life, and unfortunately I can’t give him that at this time.

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Email: hilaryegoing@gmail.com
Phone: (847) 840-0991

Facts About Me
Age 8 years
Gender Male
Breed Ocicat/Bengal Mix
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