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Nesta, or Ness/Nessie for short, is an approximately 8-year-old pure bred American Bully(i did the DNA test). She has been living with a single male owner for most her life and seems to do well in that environment, but has stayed with multple dogs before and multiple humans. She does not like cats at all and is a bit apprehensive around children. She is house trained and listens to most commands. She is leash trained but may pull a bit on the start of walks because of excitement. She does vocalize and pull at dogs at first but usually calms down after the first initial interaction. She just needs to be socialized more as I am so busy that I havent time to do so. She may also start growling and nipping at people other than her direct owner, not sure where this comes from and its something ive had to deal with since ive gotten her at 2 years old. Ive tried training but itll take someone who is more consistent with her and not gone all the time like I am.
She has no medications that she takes regularly but does have reoccurring yeast infections on her paws and in her ears that stem from her allergy to red meat, or so the vet believes. She does have flare ups every once in a whiule but has topical medicine and ear drops to help curb the flare up.

Shes a very sweet dog who has her minor issues that any experienced dog owner should be able to deal with.

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Facts About Me
Age 8 years
Gender Female
Breed American Bully
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