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My name is Nerf and I thank you for looking at my profile. I arrived as a stray at Berkeley Animal Care Services in August 2022. I quickly became a favorite of the volunteers. I am non-reactive on my walks and pass by people and dogs without a care. Volunteers took adorable pictures of me at Christmas, which goes without saying because I AM adorable, and they posted all over social media platforms.
Through a series of events, I was adopted (YAY!!) but my new family had mental health issues that were too much to manage with a new dog. I ended up being fostered by the volunteer who loves me deeply. She loves me so much and wants to keep me, but has another 50lb dog and feels that I should be given the chance to find someone to love me forever. It is very hard for her to let me go right now, but she loves me so much that she wants the best for me.
Some things I can tell you about me now that I’ve been living in a home and with another dog. In no particular order, here are some wonderful things about me:

I go into my crate easily and sleep quietly throughout the night
I have been allowed to sleep outside of my crate and sleep quietly
I’m VERY housebroken
I’m quiet- no barking; no whining
I’m very gentle – When I play with a toy with a squeaker inside, I’m so gentle that it doesn’t even squeak!! I love playing with my foster mom and her dog, Jack, but I don’t bite, nor hurt anyone, and I stop immediately when asked firmly.
I am not food reactive- she can take my bowl, and Jack can put his nose in my bowl, but I don’t care. I also take treats so gently. 🙂
I’m not leash reactive.
I’ve gone to off leash open space successfully. My foster mom keeps me on a leash, and if another dog is approaching, she puts a gentle muzzle on me to make everyone comfortable.
I don’t know how I’d be with cats.

Contact Kira
Phone: (559) 916-2325

Facts About Me
Age 2 years
Gender Male
Breed Mix- lab/pit?
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