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Nala is a ~1.5-year-old lab-border collie mix (w/ likely some other breeds) that I rescued about a year ago from Mexico through a small rescue organization. She is a healthy, playful, expressive and curious pup that loves to play w/ other dogs, play fetch, people-watch, and cuddle / receive ample physical affection when tired. 🙂 She knows basic commands: sit, stay, heel, shake, etc. (recall is inconsistent when she is distracted or in a wide open space). Unfortunately, she has exhibited anxiety around / reactiveness to some strangers, erratic movements, and visitors to our home. She occasionally also resource-guards with other dogs that get near her toys and treats. (She’s never bitten/injured another dog or human but has lunged/barked, which has scared others and has been overwhelming for me to manage.) I’ve done a decent amount of training w/ her, from socializing her since I got her, to a basic puppy training class, to an online class for training reactive dogs. I’ve made some progress, but as a single first-time dog-owner, I do feel like she needs and would be happier w/ an owner/family that has more experience and time continuing to train an anxious/reactive dog. She is generally a wonderful and delightful young dog, and this is a hard decision but likely the right one. Happy to answer any questions.

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Facts About Me
Age 1 year
Gender Female
Breed Lab-Border Collie Mix
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