Mr. BK

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Hello! I will be moving for work and am looking for a new loving home for my sweet neutered 7 pound senior cat, Mr. BK (short for Black Kitty). He is a confident and independent 15 year old that I rescued from 5 years of living on the streets. He lived with a family for 10 years before that. He has a great temperament, is very mellow, and has a lot of personality. He’s clean and easy to take care of, and has been a great little buddy, smart, playful, funny and curious. He’s friendly and social, and gets chirpy and cuddly once he gets to know you. He has the whitest whiskers and cutest meow! He seems to enjoy being an only cat, and would do well as either an indoor or indoor-outdoor cat. He has hyperthyroidism that is under control with a twice-daily pill and needs to be checked at the vet every 3-6 months or so. He has a small heart murmur that a cardiologist recently said does not require treatment. I would love to find a peaceful home for him to before August, and I can provide you with all the necessary equipment like a cat carrier, litter box, flea medicine, scratching post and toys, as well as all of his medical records. Please contact me if you think you’d be a good fit and we can find out if this sweet little guy is for you!

Contact Raphael
Phone: (408) 768-0650

Facts About Me
Age 15 years
Gender Male
Breed Bombay
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