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Merlin is a sweet nine year old dog of mixed origin: Chihuahua, Basset Hound, and part Pekingese. He weighs approximately 23 lbs, was attended to with regular vet care in Lake County, and has a 3-year Rabies Vx good through November 2025. Since he meant a lot to our mom, and unfortunately neither my sister nor myself are in a position to adopt any dog, we would like to find a new permanent home for him where he can be cared for in his twilight years.
Merlin has a playful and protective spirit. He was a rescue dog when our mom adopted him 6 or 7 years ago. He was not very well adjusted when she first adopted him (he would bark all the time and sometimes bite), and it took a lot of work with trainers to get him to stay calm in uncertain or unfamiliar situations, or in the presence of strangers. It took him a few years to really accept me, for example, but now he is perfectly sweet with me and even gets upset when I have to leave. In short, he has come a long way.
It is still unclear how well he does with children and babies, or other dogs in the house. I would not expect him to get along with housecats; he generally acts pretty hostile to the neighborhood cats. He is still known to bite if he is handled without consent in the presence of a stranger or if he feels cornered or threatened. However, he has not been known to attack people, and he does not “latch” onto things, living or not. Although the socialization process happened relatively late for him, he does respond to his name, and he knows basic commands and some tricks, and is generally a pretty smart dog that understands what is expected of him, although a bit more consistent reinforcement of boundaries and commands may be necessary.
Merlin is also great for snuggles in bed and on the couch, and is an extremely loyal and loving boy. He has stayed by our mom’s side for much of his little life, so he is the kind of pup that needs his mama. He is very loving and protective of his owner.

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Facts About Me
Age 9 years
Gender Male
Breed Mixed chihuahua-basset hound-pekingese
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