Meet Kombu

Kombu is a 3-year-old spicy boy with a heart of gold. When he feels safe, he is truly the sweetest and most affectionate cat I’ve ever known. Constant head butts, biscuits, cuddles, and more. Beautiful, has silky fur, and in great health. Playful, will even play fetch with certain toys

He is also very anxious, so it takes a very experienced, patient pet owner to bring this out of him. He was also orphaned very young and this has led to behavioral issues that are a challenge to deal with.

He tends to bond very strongly with people, and once he loves you, he loves you for life. But he is easily startled by new people, and can act defensively when scared.

In situations where he is startled, he has bitten my husband more than once, and bit me when he was terrified as I was trying to free him from a window blind he’d gotten tangled and trapped in. (Otherwise has never been aggressive toward me.) He does not like our other cats.

We love the little guy, but we’ve tried many options and believe that he’d have his happiest life in a home without children or other pets, where a calm caring owner can enjoy all the sweetness he has to offer.

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Phone: (908) 358-6123

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

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