Meet Kayla

Allow us to introduce the charming Kayla, a magnificent 11-year-old Calico beauty who has recently brought her grace to the SF SPCA. Behind her mesmerizing tricolor coat, she exudes an air of gentle reserve, showcasing a spirit that is nothing short of captivating. But there’s much more to Kayla than meets the eye. Deep within her tender heart, she harbors a secret adoration for the company of canines. Having previously shared her living space with a dog, she not only tolerates their presence but embraces their companionship with wholehearted affection.

For those in search of a feline companion brimming with sweetness and warmth, Kayla eagerly awaits your embrace. Her affectionate nature is bound to melt your heart and fill your days with joy. With every gentle touch and loving purr, she’ll remind you of the beauty of unconditional love. If you’re ready to welcome a dear and endearing companion into your life, Kayla is here, eager to embark on a journey of shared happiness and cherished moments.

Age: 11 y, 1 m

Weight: 6 lbs; 9 oz

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Come visit me and my friends at the Mission Adoption Center!

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