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Hana is an amazing, free-spirited young dog with a heart of gold. She was born with both her back legs paralyzed, but that has not stopped her adventurous nature and passion for exploration.

The best part of Hana is that spirit, which makes her a wonderful companion for people who have time to explore and adventure with her. She’s also good with children, and, while she can be reactive around strange dogs, she bonds well with dogs she gets to know and loves to play and wrestle with her friends at the park.

Hana, however, has some special needs that make it hard for our family (two busy parents with a 2 yr. old daughter) to provide her the best life possible – the life this special little girl deserves. Because of her paralysis, she is bowel incontinent and needs to be given opportunities to potty outside frequently. She is also a high energy dog, despite her disability, so she is happiest when she gets lots of time to run around and play outside. She can run for miles in her wheelchair and swim for hours with a proper life vest. She’s also great at fetch and has reliable recall.

We love her very much, but realize that living in an apartment with an active toddler does not enable us to dedicate the time and attention to her that she really needs. We’d like to find an active home for her where she’ll have plenty of access to the outside (a nice backyard would be great). She’ll reward you with lots of love, affection, and play.

Contact Erika
Email: oblena.erika@gmail.com
Phone: (440) 539-7946

Facts About Me
Age 1 year
Gender Female
Breed Australian Cattle Dog/Lab Mix
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